No matter the size of your company, managing IT services can be overwhelming. Making sure IT equipment is secure, up to date and running properly isn’t just a full-time job — it’s an ever-evolving set of tasks that must be completed by trained, experienced professionals.

That’s why businesses are increasingly choosing to employ managed IT services to handle their IT needs.

Why Are Companies Choosing Managed IT Services? 

Managed IT services, can be a cost-effective way to handle a company’s IT needs. From routine proactive maintenance to 24/7 monitoring of issues such as disk usage, firewall logs, backup status, and local and remote network utilization, managed IT services help take care of the common tech issues most organizations face.

Here are some of the top reasons organizations adopt managed IT services:

1. Information security is crucial.

Keeping data secure isn’t just good business practice — it’s also the law. Legal regulations like PCI, GDPR and HIPAA can impose strict penalties on organizations that grant improper access to private user information. Threats like malware, ransomware and phishing schemes are continually evolving, which complicates the cat-and-mouse game of keeping bad actors out of your systems. Managed IT services mitigate these risks by offering 24/7 technology monitoring and performing proactive maintenance to ensure security updates are addressed as soon as possible.

2. Persistent software issues are frustrating.

Nothing kills productivity like an endless string of pop-up windows reminding the user to update their software. Whether it’s an individual application, a security patch or an update of the operating system, users are often forced to put their work on hold to wait for their software to install — or, worse, they may ignore updates altogether, leaving your systems vulnerable. Proactive IT Maintenance through managed IT services can remove these frustrations by applying patches and updates for you.

3. Tech issues negatively affect your clients.

Bad software, malfunctioning hardware or inaccurate data aren’t just frustrating for your users — they’re frustrating for your customers. If you keep clients waiting for an answer because your technology isn’t cooperating, you’ll encounter extreme dissatisfaction or even lose a client altogether. Utilizing managed IT services keeps your customers happy by keeping your users happy.

4. Dedicated IT support is essential.

Many businesses rely on a self-proclaimed IT “pro” to set up, install or troubleshoot all things IT. But whether you recruit an experienced IT user or simply a tech enthusiast, they’re still not a dedicated IT professional trained to handle any circumstance. Enlist managed IT services to provide a dedicated IT support staff and let the hobbyists and tinkerers focus on their main responsibilities.

5. Old IT equipment poses risks.

Technology changes so quickly that organizations inevitably end up with a collection of outdated IT equipment such as laptops, servers and peripherals that were once considered state-of-the-art. Keeping outdated equipment in use isn’t just sub-optimal — it’s risky. Antiquated or obsolete machines pose risks for data loss, security and lost productivity. Managed IT services can help find solutions that keep your tech stack in the 21st century.

What Are the Benefits of Managed IT Services? 

Outsourced IT services can provide customized solutions for businesses of any size. Not only do managed IT services offer peace of mind, but they can also help your organization stay nimble, on budget and on schedule.

Consider the following benefits of managed IT services:

  • Predictable costs: Choosing a managed IT service that fits your needs also means choosing services that fit your budget. Minimize the unforeseen hardware, software or maintenance costs — managed IT services offer predictable costs that you can anticipate and budget for throughout the year.
  • Flexibility: Hiring a managed IT service for a one-time or temporary IT project like opening a new office or moving to a new location can leave the work to a team of dedicated professionals — without having to hire additional full-time team members.
  • Expertise: Managed IT services offer access to an entire team of IT professionals with different specialties so you don’t have to rely on an internal IT person who may have a limited scope of expertise.
  • Energy, time and money savings: Managed IT services provides your organization with a dedicated team of IT professionals. By taking advantage of proactive IT measures, you won’t need to waste valuable resources trying to track down the right person to solve your IT problem.
  • 24/7 monitoring: Around-the-clock IT monitoring means that before you’re even aware of an issue, the managed IT services team has already been alerted and taken time to address it. Managed IT services keep a close eye on your technology so you don’t have to.

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