Your accounting software should play a key role in the success of your business.  Is your BusinessWorks system giving you the edge you need to compete?

At the beginning of each year, most companies review the past year’s performance and look for areas that need improvement.  Part of this annual review includes looking at key business processes and business technology, including accounting software.  Have you taken a look at your Sage BusinessWorks system lately to determine if it is helping or hindering the performance of your business?

Having key business information at your fingertips is essential to managing a healthy, successful company.  If you do not have access to the information you need to make timely, informed decisions or have ever muttered the words “I wish BusinessWorks would…” then it’s time to take a look at your software for signs of inefficiencies.

Common Areas of Inefficiency Experienced by BusinessWorks Software Users

  • Lack of Integration with Other Software Solutions.
    • Your team spends hours duplicating efforts because your systems are not integrated.
    • You’re missing advanced import/export capabilities.
    • You are not able to connect with your external HR/Payroll solution.
  • You Need Advanced or Additional Functionality
    • You have inventory or other work-arounds because of the limitations of BusinessWorks.
    • You could benefit from enhanced manufacturing capabilities such as bill of materials or work orders.
    • You could save time and money by utilizing electronic payments for vendors.
    • Your company requires enhanced serial number and lot tracking with cost tracking and BusinessWorks does not fill this need.
    • Your business could benefit from the efficiency and accuracy that bar code scanning brings.
  • You Have Advanced Reporting Needs
    • You create custom Excel reports outside BusinessWorks because you need the ability to see information in a different manner or format.
    • You require refreshable reports that include access from multiple data sources.

Over the past few years, businesses have turned their focus to finding ways to do more with less.  While keeping profitable seems like it’s primarily the result of increased customers and sales, it can also be achieved through running a tighter, more efficient business.

Inefficiencies cost your business time, money and are invisible unless you know how to look for them.  DWD has helped many Sage BusinessWorks users review their system and daily processes to determine if areas of improvement exist.

Contact DWD today if you have business processes that need addressed or if you want to ensure that your processes are as efficient as possible.