Many accounting firms are moving to more automated audit software and as such have been requesting reports to be sent in electronic format. Most easily for them is some sort of Excel or CSV (comma-separated value) report which they can import into their software. For many years, getting this information has been “less than easy” from BusinessWorks.

Sage BusinessWorks has been upgrading many of its internal reports and making it significantly easier to export information to an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document. Many General Ledger Reports have already been converted to this newer, exportable format. The software has even been updated so that Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Aging Reports are even more easily exportable than before.

In more current versions of Sage BusinessWorks, you may have noticed the format of GL reports has been updated. You may not have noticed that when previewing these reports, there are some new icons at the top of the report that allows for exporting to a variety of formats.

Preview Report - new icons


These formats include PDF, Excel, CSV, and even Word. A simple click on one of these buttons will transform the current BW report into whatever you choose.

The “old format” Aging Reports in AP and AR are still available. You can tell by the prompt screen whether you’re looking at an older-style report or a newer one.

Aging Report

AR aging report - detail report

The new, exportable reports will have a prompt screen that looks more like this:

Exportable reports prompt screen

You can see that the parameter selection is different (and more robust). When you then run the report, you will see the same information, but it’s laid out in an exportable fashion.

Exportable AR Aging Report

Again, you have the icons you can use to export to whatever format is required.

As future versions of BusinessWorks comes out, be sure to watch for even more reporting to get updated.

If you have questions or need assistance with your BusinessWorks software, please contact our BusinessWorks support team at 260.423.2414.

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