Do you filter reports in MIP? Are you aware of the ‘Like’ and ‘In’ operators?

Many of you are probably familiar with the following operators to filter information.

Operator and Description Image

In addition to these commonly used operators, you have the ability to filter information in other unique ways.

Other Unique Filters Image

The ‘Like’ and ‘In’ operators are useful when filtering information by means other than an exact value or within a specific range.

All operators are available to you when you choose an available filter and add it to your listing of selected filters. Once you have selected a specific filter, you must then decide how the filter is going to retrieve data based on specific criteria.

The ‘Like’ operator uses the % sign, also known as a Wildcard, to retrieve data that is like the criteria entered. The placement of the ‘%’ sign is important and will change the data returned, as explained in the table below.

Criteria Results
%10% Returns data with 10 in any position
10% Returns data that begins with 10
%10 Returns data that ends with 10

Classic Interface

Classic Interface Filter Report

Modern Interface

Modern Interface Filter Report

The ‘In’ operator allows you to include a non-sequential series of values in your filter criteria.

Classic Interface

All criteria must be entered in the Criteria 1 box with commas separating the values.

Classic Interface Criteria

Modern Interface

The ability to select criteria individually from the drop-down menu, while using the ‘In’ operator, is exclusive to the modern interface. In the classic interface, you must manually enter all values without the convenience of a drop-down menu.

Modern Interface Criteria

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