Good reporting — for truly understanding your data — is more than categorizing or simplifying mass amounts of information that you and your accounting team are inevitably flooded with.

Data – it’s the backbone of any successful healthcare center.

Though your data may be rich in potential, pulling out important metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) takes time often hard to spare. We know all too well that it’s easy to get bogged down in the details while trying to pull out meaningful insights and numbers that matter.

That’s why we’re here to step in and help you find a solution that meets your team’s needs. Quick access to accurate, real-time reports and an intuitive control panel that really brings your data to life could be just what you need to streamline your healthcare financials.

Keep reading to learn how Sage Intacct’s Dashboards and Reporting could make a difference in the way your healthcare organization manages and reviews your accounting data.

Sage Intacct Dashboards and Reporting FAQs

Sage Intacct financial management software provides you with 150 built-in financial reports as well as the ability to easily create custom reports.  Easily duplicate and modify a report to create exactly what you need.

Customized dashboards display just the information needed for a specific role or a particular type of analysis.  Dashboards can contain charts, graphs, and reports and well as communication streams between staff so they can collaborate.  In Sage Intacct, the finance team can easily configure dashboards, or set permissions to ensure that each user only receives information that is relevant and approved based on their role.

Sage Intacct is a modern cloud-based accounting software solution that grows with your business.  It gives you insight into your financial and operational data to make strategic decisions and the flexibility you need to act fast.

Cut the Clutter: Streamlining Your Healthcare Financials

In the healthcare industry, you are already primed to adapt and expect changes in technology, software needs, and regulatory requirements. But what about your accounting systems?

This critical piece of business is often overlooked as the last place to get an overhaul. But you should never be left with outdated systems that make it hard to see what’s really going on with your money.

This is where tools like Sage Intacct, a best-in-class financial management system, come in handy. The dashboard and reporting capabilities let you visualize financial data in a way that’s easy to understand and even easier to base decisions on, completely transforming your approach to financial reporting.

Here are some ways Sage Intacct helps with streamlining your accounting process:

  • Centralize data for easy access, quick highlights, and better accuracy.
  • Automate workflows and routine tasks to free up your staff for other activities.
  • Access real-time reporting to help with making faster decisions.
  • Eliminate the need for manually consolidating data across different systems and sources.
  • Easily scales along with you without the worry of outgrowing your accounting system.

View Sage Intacct’s Healthcare Dashboards & Reporting product tour.

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One Singular Dashboard for Quick and Easy Access

We now have access to more information at our fingertips than ever before, making modern systems and new technology the norm. Just like how we use our phones for immediate answers and solutions, this same need for speed and efficiency is simply expected among patients, employees, and managers alike.

So why should your accounting team be left with outdated software, leading to piles of paperwork and disconnected systems?

Sage Intacct EMR Connect for Healthcare

With easy-to-use dashboards and advanced capabilities within Sage Intacct, you can easily see (only) the information that matters. Plus, with integrations like EMRConnect, you can bring in both clinical and operational data, all in one simple and easy-to-use place.

Sage EMRConnect allows for a singular dashboard to deliver:

  • Metrics such as net revenue, operational expenses, the cost of each procedure, income generated per physician or location, and the variety of payment sources.
  • A better understanding of how value-based care programs and specific patient groups are doing, as well as the productivity of your staff and the number of procedures being carried out.
  • Easily presentable information using clear visuals that are customized for each viewer, and provide a clear, cross-entity view of your financials.

This integration gives you a comprehensive snapshot of your healthcare organization’s performance at any given moment – so no more waiting around for a manual report or delays in decision-making. The time savings alone is something to celebrate!

Your Healthcare Accounting On-The-Move With Sage Intacct’s Dynamic Dashboards

No matter where your work takes you or what you’re doing, you can stay connected with the cloud-based capabilities of Sage Intacct. You have the freedom to access your financial data securely from any location, not just an on-premise computer or connected device.

Whether you’re on a business trip, attending a conference, or working remotely, your dashboard gives you a glimpse of your organization’s financial health and KPIs — not to mention, all in real time.

You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of trends and outcomes with automated, detailed reports and features that include:

  • Multi-dimensional reporting
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Drill down capabilities
  • Actionable insights and discovery
  • Custom filters
  • Access to historical data
  • Automated report scheduling (delivered on time every time!)

Better Regulatory Oversight With Sage Intacct’s Custom Healthcare Dashboards

Sage Intacct’s custom healthcare accounting dashboards give you more than just data visualization; you are armed with a powerful tool for regulatory oversight. With features that highlight your unique business drivers and highly customizable role-based permissions, you have control over who can see and do what in the system, keeping everything secure and compliant with industry regulations. That’s a huge benefit, as you know.

DWD Technology Group is Your Ally in Achieving Financial Clarity

DWD is here as your partner to offer our guidance and expertise, so you’ll be well on your way to better financial visibility and success.

With our free Software Needs Assessment, our expert team will help you find the best solution for your healthcare organization and build a solid foundation for growth.

Our best advice? Give your team the confidence they need to grow so you can continue making an impact in the healthcare industry and doing what you do best.