Learn how to select both the Sales Order Header and Line Item Detail from Business Insights Explorer into a single file export.

How to Create a Business Insights Explorer Header and Detail Export in Sage 10o Video

We are going to use the Sales Order view in this example.

If you have used Business Insights Explorers in the past, you have probably noticed that based on the Explorer you are using, you can only export the Header information from the upper grid of the Explore or the views information that is in the upper grid.

Let’s start by opening the Sales Order View.

Sales Order View

As you can see, by default, the Sales Order View is only going to show you Header information in the top grid. All of the line item data is showing in the bottom preview grid for the line item you have selected in the top grid. Thus, if you change a selected line, the data changes in the bottom preview to match.

Sage 100 Business Insights Explorer - Sales Order Screen

One thing to note here is that the only grid from which you export data is the top data grid. The lower grid data is not exportable.

So, the question is, how do we combine a grid view to be able to export both the header information and the detail information together?

  • The first step is to make sure you have the “Line Items” preview selected.

Line Items Selected

  • Then you select “View” from the menu and then select “Open Preview”.
    • This basically drills into the Line Items Preview and moves that information to the top grid.

View > Open Preview

  • What this does is moves your line item detail to the top grid.

Line Item Detail at the Top Grid

  • Now you can select “Edit” from the menu and select the “Column Settings” option

.Edit > Column Settings

  • This will show you the columns you currently have selected from the Line Items Preview.

Currently Selected Line Items Preview

  • Click the “Add” button to the right of the Columns window.

Add Button

  • Now you can see that you have 4 tables to choose data from.

Data Source Columns

  • You can add Header, Extended Description, or GL Account columns to your Line item data. For the purpose of this demonstration, we will expand the SO_SalesOrderHeader table by clicking the plus sign next to the table.

Click the Plus Sign Next to SO_SalesOrderHeader

  • Here we will select “OrderType” and click the OK button. Unfortunately, you can only select 1 field at a time when adding header columns to your Line items view.

OrderType >- Click OK Button

  • Click the “Add” button again, expand the SO_SalesOrderHeader table again, and select “Order Status” and click the OK button again.

Click Add

Expand the SO_SalesOrderHeader

Order Status > OK Button

  • Repeat this process for all header fields you want to have within your exported data.
  • As you can see, it is adding all of the Header fields to the end of the grid.

Header Fields Added to End of the Grid

  • Now we will adjust the fields to show in the order we want them. Click the OK button on the column settings window.

OK Button

  • Move the columns into their respective locations that you want them.

Move Columns

  • Note the green arrow is where your selected column will be moved to.
  • On the toolbar click the Export Options dropdown arrow and select Microsoft Excel.

Export Options Drowndown - Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Now you have all of your line item information all in one file.

For more information or assistance with keyboard shortcuts, contact our Sage 100 support team at 800.232.8913.

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