First, go to General Ledger > Setup > Source Journal Maintenance and create a new source journal.  In the example below, I created a new source journal called BT for Bank Transfer.  Make sure the journal type is set to Financial and click Accept.

Source Journal Maintenance

Next, go to General Ledger > Main > Transaction Journal Entry.  Select the source journal you created in the step above and the next entry number.  Click on the Format button in the upper-right hand corner.

Transaction Journal Entry

Enter the G/L account number of your checking account in the offset account number field.  Select Credit in the offset field since you are transferring money from this account.  Select Bank Transfer as the transaction type.  Finally, select the proper bank codes at the bottom of the window.  Click OK.

Transaction Journal Format

You must enter data in the Transfer No field.  Enter the number you receive from the bank if you have one or create one.  One suggestion is to enter the date in YYYY/MM/DD format.

Transaction Journal Entry Transfer No. Field

Go to the Lines tab and enter the document reference number.  This can either be the bank transfer number from the header tab, the date, or anything you want to enter to identify this transfer.  Enter the dollar amount of the transfer.  You can also enter a comment if you like.  Click Accept.

Transaction Journal Entry Lines Tab

Click on the printer icon in the lower right-hand corner to print and update the register.  The entry will now be posted to both the General Ledger and the Bank Reconciliation.  That’s all there is to it!

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