For years now, nonprofit organizations have been learning to do ‘more with less.’ Donations are down, grant funds are harder to come by, and the economy doesn’t seem to be making the long-awaited come back anytime soon. The need to get more work done with fewer resources is perhaps more important than ever.

That’s why nonprofits are challenging their human resource (HR) departments to make more strategic contributions to the organization.

From Cost Center to Cost-Saver
While HR is traditionally viewed as a cost center saddled with time-consuming and paper-intensive administrative tasks, it’s a necessary burden in order to comply with a long list of workplace regulations that require specialized reporting. The question is this … how can you streamline your HR processes to minimize that burden and transform HR into a model of efficiency? For some organizations, the answer is to automate repetitive administrative tasks with HR Management for MIP Fund Accounting.

Sounds Interesting … What is It?
Human Resource (HR) Management for MIP Fund Accounting is developed specifically for the unique accounting and reporting challenges faced by nonprofit and government organizations. It allows you to track, organize and retrieve employee records and data electronically.   In the same way that MIP Fund Accounting automates financial management, the HR solution automates all aspects of managing your workforce including Employee Benefits, Training, Certifications, Compensation Management, Compliance, and more.

That means you spend less time shuffling paper, rifling through file cabinets searching for documents, and manually completing forms. Plus, you get push-button HR reporting including standard reports for FMLA, Vet, and EEO.

One System, One Point of Entry
The HR module for MIP Fund Accounting integrates accounting and payroll with HR reporting and compliance. That means a single entry carries over to payroll, and then all the way through to your general ledger. You’ll reduce the cost of HR compliance, eliminate redundant data entry and paperwork, automate repetitive processes, and have your HR Department running like a well-oiled machine. And since the HR Management solution is available in modules, you have total flexibility to select only the tools and features you need based on the size and complexity of your organization.

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