DrillPoint for MIPWith the release of MIP v2015.1 announced a new module called DrillPoint Reports.

If you are responsible for preparing your organization’s monthly financial statements, DrillPoint Reports offers many time-saving features to enable you to distribute better financial information in a format that non-financial users can easily read and understand.

DrillPoint Reports allows you to manipulate your data, add formulas, graphs and other more advanced Excel features to maximize the value of the information you’re presenting to others.

Features of the MIP Fund Accounting DrillPoint Reports Module

  • Integrate Microsoft Excel directly with MIP Fund Accounting in real-time.
  • Leverage Microsoft Excel functionality to manipulate your data, conduct what-if analysis and add formulas and graphs to your reports for better report presentation.
  • Drill down directly from Microsoft Excel to specific transactions for more detailed information, saving you the extra step of having to go back to MIP for the same information.
  • Create custom financial statements using pre-formatted templates that enable you to include borders, graphics, your organization’s logo and other personal touches to distinguish your financials, making them easier to read and use.
  • Create statistical or outcomes measurement reporting by using MIP user-defined fields in your reports.
  • Group account segments into a linear style account report.

If you have questions or would like a demonstration of the MIP DrillPoint module, contact DWD.