2018 Sage 100 User Group Meeting

During this dynamic User Group meeting, you'll have the opportunity to...

  • Discuss your experiences with other Sage 100 software users and learn from others.

  • Learn about the latest developments and enhancements to your software and discover how they can benefit you.

  • Gain valuable skills and techniques for utilizing your Sage 100 software.


Sage 100 - What's New and What is on the Horizon...

  • Learn about the planned features in Sage 100 version 2019

  • Review the new features included in Sage 100 version 2018

  • See what's on the horizon for future versions of Sage 100 including Sage's plans for cloud integrations, as well as improvements to the work order, material requirements planning and timecard module.

The Best Sage 100 Freebies - What's Available & How Do I Use Them?

  • How to activate your free Sage 100 intelligence licenses

  • How to set up paperless office for electronic delivery of documents

  • How to create dashboards & Excel friendly reports using Sage Business Insights

  • How to set up automated reporting using Visual Cut (not free, but not expensive).

DIY Sage 100 Support - Fix the Most Common Sage 100 Issues All by Yourself

Learn how to safely fix the most common issues Sage 100 user's experience. This section will cover a large variety of areas and applies to all Sage 100 software users.
  • "Error 30 Printer Not Found" - how to reinstall Sage 100 PDF printer and set permissions

  • "Unable to Process the Lockfile" - how to clear the jobs/locks folders

  • Backup Your System - learn how to make a backup company in Sage 100

  • "File in Use" - removing stranded users & tasks from Sage 100

  • And Many More...

Inventory Physical Count using Barcodes - Free from Scanco with Sage 100 version 2018

  • Learn how to use your Apple or Android tablet or phone to take inventory

Register Online using the "Register Now" links below.


Tuesday, October 2nd - 9am - Noon EDT
Indiana CPA Society  - Directions
900 E 96th St., #250
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Fort Wayne
Tuesday, October 9th - 9am - Noon EDT
Manchester Pharmacy College - Directions
10627 Diebold Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46845

Live Webcast
Thursday, October 18th - 9:00am - Noon EDT
Live Webcast Meeting Format

Registration - 8:45 a.m.
Meeting - 9 a.m. to noon
(Lunch immediately following for on-site meetings)

3 credits

$30.00 for each attendee
*Meeting fee includes lunch for all on-site meetings*

Please make checks payable to:
DWD Technology Group
9921 Dupont Circle Drive West, Suite 300, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Questions? Contact Shannon Barnhardt at sbarnhardt@dwdtechgroup.com or at 260.423.2414.