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Oops I Did It Again – How to Correct Common Mistakes in MIP

To help MIP users get the most out of their software, we’re introducing a new online educational series called the “MIP Lunch & Learn”.  During these 60 minute online educational webinars, we’ll provide MIP users with helpful hints and tips, best practice advice, and updates on new and upcoming product features.

The first session of the series will cover common mistakes users make in MIP and what steps need to be taken to correct the issue.  The lunch and learn will be offered on two separated dates for your convenience.  The same information will be covered during each session.

Lunch & Learn Dates

Wednesday, May 18th – Noon to 1:00pm ET            Reserve your seat today! 

Thursday, May 19th – 2:00 – 3:00pm ET            Reserve your seat today!

CPE Credit: 1 credit

Cost: Free

Oops I Did It Again – How to Correct Common Mistakes in MIP

Have you ever made a mistake in MIP and then wondered “How am I going to fix this?”.  If so, this lunch and learn is for you.  During this free one-hour online lunch and learn, we will cover some of the most common mistakes made in the Accounts Payable module.

Accounts Payable

  • Voiding an Accounts Payable Check Voucher in MIP
    Many things can happen that prompt the need to void an Accounts Payable check, including accidentally writing a check to the wrong vendor, accidentally writing a check for the wrong amount or having the check misplaced or lost.
  • How to Correct a Misnumbered Checks in MIP
    Oh no! I just printed checks in MIP and the numbers don’t match my pre-printed checks. I have already posted the batch, now what do I do?
  • How to Correct a Posted Document in MIP
    Have you ever entered the wrong account code, effective date or amount on an AP invoice and then tried to edit it? The folks at MIP built strong internal controls into the system which is great, but it means that posted documents cannot be edited.  We’ll show you how to use the reverse posted Session feature to reverse all or part of a posted transaction.
  • How to Merge Vendors & Multiple Check Addresses in MIP
    Do you have the same vendor account listed multiple times in your MIP system? This happens for a variety of reasons, poor data entry and multiple check addresses for the same vendor are often the cause.  Learn how to merge vendors so you’re cleaning up your MIP system AND also keeping all vendor history.
  • How to “Delete” Old Vendors in MIP
    Since we’re cleaning up our vendor accounts in the last tip by merging duplicate accounts, let’s take one more step and “delete” old vendors.  Vendors come and vendors go, but they don’t need to be stuck in our MIP system.  If you know you’re no longer going to do business with a vendor it’s time to “delete” them.

Do you have any questions? Contact Leeah Peters at lpeters@dwdtechgroup.com or 800.232.8913.