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Strike a balance between too much and not enough

Replacing manual systems and processes with automated alternatives is key to taking the first step towards inventory optimization. Attend an upcoming product demonstration to learn how Sage Inventory Advisor helps your Sage ERP solution work smarter by utilizing the data already in your system to reduce stock-outs, excess inventory, and working capital.

Together, they can analyze inventory data to identify where the biggest improvements can be made, produce quality forecasts, and suggest optimal replenishment recommendations—all at an affordable price.

With Sage Inventory Advisor you can:

  • Place orders quicker—save time on planning, forecasting and ordering
  • Minimize stock-outs—Retain your customers and increase your sales
  • Reduce excess stock—Release cash that is tied up in excess inventory

Upcoming demos are scheduled for 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET on:

  • October 12
  • December 8

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Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson
Field Sales Engineer – Sage Inventory Advisor Sage