Every business understands the importance of backing up critical company data.  Determining how the data is backed up, can be a more difficult decision.

Given the havoc that data loss can create for a business, having a backup plan is essential. That’s the easy choice.  Perhaps the more difficult choice is knowing exactly how to backup your data. In the past, most data was stored on-site. Today, the popularity of online backups is growing.

So which option is right for your business?

On-site Data Backup
Storing data on-site allows you to quickly access your data when it’s needed. As fast as business moves, this makes an on-site backup solution very attractive. Another benefit to onsite storage is pricing. For small businesses, the costs of in-house storage can be relatively low. For a small investment, a company can purchase an external hard drive or NAS (Network-attached Storage) device that is large enough to house their data needs.

Relying solely on on-site storage has its risks.  In cases of unfortunate disasters like fires, floods, tornados, etc., the backup data is often lost along with the original data.  Another risk to consider is having highly sensitive data on a physical medium like an external hard drive.  This practice potentially exposes the data to theft and loss.  And sometimes those devices simply fail.

Online Data Backup
Many business owners and IT professionals are now utilizing online storage via a 3rd party to back up their important and sensitive company data.  While “The Cloud” has become quite common, the thought of putting sensitive data in the hands of a 3rd party might be unsettling for some.  In reality, a reputable cloud back-up solution can provide an excellent and cost effective way to store important company data.

One major advantage to online storage is that the data is safe from local disasters. Many companies also offer storage in multiple locations, just in case one of their servers is affected for any reason. Another advantage is that the data can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.  This also means that you cannot access your data without an internet connection, which might be problematic at times.

Often companies are concerned about the fees involved with backing up their data to the cloud. Luckily there are many reputable, reliable and affordable options that offer back up services designed around the specific needs of your business. Talking with your Technology Provider is a great way to determine those needs.

The Best Choice?
Without a doubt, the best backup solution is a combination of on-site and online storage. While there is a slight increase of cost with a combination solution, it is small compared to the potential loss of company data. In the end, having dependable storage for your data is one of the easiest choices to make.

DWD offers affordable backup solutions for your business.  Contact John Barron, Network Services Manager at 260.423.2414 if you have questions.

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