You may or may not have heard about Windows ending support for Server 2003, but why is it so important that the Department of Homeland Security has issued an alert about it?

It all comes down to security.

For some companies, IT security is a top priority. For far too many, however, tech security falls to the bottom of the list. Failing to take security seriously opens a company up to stolen information and severe financial losses.

It’s not just large companies like Sony who get attacked. Often small to medium sized companies are targets of cyber criminals because of their lack of security and inability to handle an attack.

With Microsoft ending support for Server 2003 on July 14th of this year, there are some things you should be aware of.

  • Microsoft will no longer offer any updates, fixes, or security patches. Hackers and cyber criminals are always trying to find a flaw in the software that they can use to gain access to a company’s network. Once in, the damage can be massive. This is why companies like Microsoft are constantly updating their software.
  • Your company may no longer be able to accept credit cards. Companies may no longer be compliant with industry standards. Losing PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance means that company can no longer process credit cards.
  • Your systems may not be compatible with newer or recently updated software. Often times, software is dependent on the operating environment to run proficiently. Having a non compatible system may cause a variety of bugs, glitches, or inability to even function.

While July 14th may seem like a long way off, in terms of implementing an update to Windows Server 2003, the date is quickly approaching. Now is the time to talk with your technology provider to discuss what solutions are best for your company. Working with an experienced provider will help ensure a smooth process and give piece of mind.