Are You Thinking of Replacing FRx Report Writer with Sage Intelligence

The clock started ticking as soon as Microsoft announced that there would be no further development or support for the popular FRx Financial Reporter. Now several years later, many of our customers have already switched over to Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting.

However there are still many companies out there holding on to FRx until the very last minute. So if you haven’t decided to make the switch yet, here are key things you should know about Sage Intelligence.

Reaches Beyond the General Ledger

Sage Intelligence looks across your entire Sage 100 database to report on information in any module. For example, a single report can display information from multiple companies and across operational areas like sales, accounting, payroll, manufacturing and inventory.  In contrast, FRx simply pulls data from your general ledger.

A Familiar Face … Microsoft Excel

Sage Intelligence is Excel-based. Assuming you’re already familiar with this indispensible spreadsheet software and business tool, your learning curve will be short and a world of analytical tools will be at your finger tips using Excel formulas, pivot tables, and charting tools. In fact, one of the reasons FRx originally became so popular was its Excel-like Row and Column structure which is similar to the way Sage Intelligence works.

Go Ahead and Drill Down, It’s Integrated

Since Sage Intelligence is an integrated part of your Sage 100 system, it automatically picks up your chart of accounts, fiscal periods, transaction details, and leverages native security functions. Plus, the reports are linked to your Sage 100 database so you can drill down to the transaction level and extract live data as you slice, dice, and analyze company performance.

Pre-Defined Reports Right Out of the Box

Sage Intelligence comes with a suite of pre-defined standard reports – you know, the common stuff that every business needs like an income statement and balance sheet – which means you’re up and running quickly. Standard reports can also be reformatted and customized to meet your specific needs.

It’s Sexy

Intelligence converts all that raw data in Sage 100 into graphs, charts, and dashboards that make it easy to spot trends and identify emerging opportunity. Perhaps more important, underneath that pretty face lies a powerful business intelligence engine that’s fast and easy to use.

It’s Free

All current on-plan customers receive the Sage Intelligence software for free as a replacement for FRx (note: some companies may need additional user licenses depending on your size and number of reporting users). That means you can get your hands dirty and give it a try before deciding whether Intelligence is the right reporting platform for you.

Need Help Deciding? As your technology partner, we’re here to help you evaluate your reporting options and develop a transition plan. Contact Us if you’d like assistance.

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