News for Sage 100 Users in 2021

Here’s a collection of brief news and updates related to your Sage 100 software.

Upgrading the Sage Knowledgebase & Customer Portal

According to a recent post on the Sage City forum, the Sage Knowledgebase (Sage KB)  and Customer Portal will soon be getting an upgrade (expected in early September). As part of the upgrade, the knowledgebase specifically for Sage 100 content will “live” at a new URL.

Unfortunately as a result, any personalization you may have set up on the existing knowledgebase won’t transfer to the new platform. But on the plus side, you’ll be able to use your Sage credentials to log in to the new Sage KB which is one less password to remember.

What is the Sage Knowledgebase and Customer Portal?  The Sage KB provides a deep library of technical articles written by Sage Support analysts that provides a quick, self-guided troubleshooting resource for common issues in Sage 100.

Slow Performance Loading Screens in Sage 100

Some customers are reporting slow performance when loading screens after upgrading to either Sage 100 2020 or Sage 100 2021.  While not all customers are experiencing a problem and Sage hasn’t provided detail on whether all or only certain screens are impacted, they have announced in a recent posting on the Sage 100 Knowledgebase that a fix will be available with the upcoming releases of Sage 100 2020 Product Update 4 and Sage 100 2021 Product Update 2 (likely available in September).

More Detailed Tracking in Paperless Office (New in 2021)

The release of Sage 100 2021 earlier this year introduced new features that make it easier for you to track and view where electronic documents are being sent. An Electronic Delivery Log button is now available on the following tasks:

  • Customer Viewer
  • Vendor Viewer
  • Employee Viewer
  • Journal and Register Viewer
  • Period End Reports Viewer
  • Report Viewer

Select a document and click the new Electronic Delivery Log button to view the most recent date and time that the    document was sent, the user who sent it, the status of the submission, and the recipient’s email or fax number.

In addition, two new electronic delivery inquiry tasks added to the Paperless Office Main menu allow you to view a list of documents delivered to customers and vendors. Refer to What’s New in Sage 100 2021 for full release details.

If you have questions about any of the new features in Sage 100 2021, or would like assistance upgrading your Sage 100 software to the latest version, please reach out to our Sage 100 team members.

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