Answers to Sage 100c FAQs

Concurrent with the release of Sage 100 2016 last November, Sage also launched a new product called Sage 100c.  In this article, we’ll provide answers to some frequently asked questions about this newest addition to the Sage 100 product family.

What is Sage 100c?

It’s easiest to think of Sage 100c as a new deluxe version of the same core Sage 100 software that has been available for decades.  At this time, the main difference from the standard Sage 100 product is that Sage 100c features a totally new and modernized user interface along with unique screen and desktop personalization options.  As time progresses, we expect more features to be added to Sage 100c that may not be added to Sage 100.

Who can use Sage 100c?

Sage 100c has been available since November 2015.  Sage 100 users currently on a maintenance plan will (at their option) be able to upgrade to Sage 100c.

Why do you think Sage has Introduced Sage 100c and is Moving to a Subscription Model?

Sage is keeping up with the rest of the software industry in offering subscription purchases.  One example is Office 365.  Sage in now only offering Sage 100c for new purchases.  This allows new users to get Sage 100c for a smaller first time investment.

Do existing Sage 100 customers have to move to Sage 100c?

Existing customers can stay with the traditional version of Sage 100 if they choose, however it’s important for Sage 100 software users to take time to consider moving to Sage 100c.  It is becoming clear that the Sage 100c subscription based product is going to be Sage’s primary focus for future development.  Sage has already announced that Sage 100c will be the only offering for new customers beginning January 1, 2017.

Will data from Sage 100 roll over to Sage 100c or will we have to start from scratch?

Yes, all of your data, settings, etc. will roll over from your current installation of Sage 100 (assuming you are on a currently supported version).  Unsupported versions will need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Is Sage 100c still a server-based program that resides on our server?

At this time, the software is installed in the exact same manner. This is not a cloud based program.

Are the system requirements different for Sage 100c?

No.  The system requirements for Sage 100 and Sage 100c are the same for each released version.

With Sage 100c will We Still Get to Decide when We Upgrade to the Next Version?

Yes.  However, if a brand new version of Sage 100 has come out, DWD typically recommends that end users wait until the first service pack has been published before upgrading.

How is it Handled when you Need to Upgrade from an Older Version of Sage 100 to Sage 100 2016, then to Sage 100c?

As long as you are on a currently supported version of Sage 100 you can upgrade to Sage 100c in a one step upgrade.  If you are on a version of Sage 100 prior to version 2013, we will need to decide on a case-by-case basis.

How is Sage 100c Priced?

Another difference from the traditional Sage 100 product which is sold under perpetual licensing is that Sage 100c is available on a subscription basis only.  Sage 100c customers can choose monthly, 1-year, or 3-year billing.  Maintenance fees will be automatically drawn by Sage from the bank account or charged to the credit card you specify.

Is Sage offering existing Sage 100 users any incentive to upgrade to Sage 100c?

Yes!  Sage is offering a limited time promotion where on-plan customers can upgrade to Sage 100c for no additional charge.  This promotion is running through March 31, 2017 and at this time we don’t believe Sage will be extending it past that date.  If you are considering a move to Sage 100c, doing so before March 31st will allow you to switch without paying a premium.

Are There Installation or Other Charges if I Migrate from Sage 100 to Sage 100c?

DWD does not charge a fee when you migrate to Sage 100c from a perpetual license.  Normal fees apply for version upgrades.  We are happy to provide a formal proposal for any version upgrades.

How does the Cost Comparison Play Out Between the Two Versions?

From now until March 31, 2017 your cost will be the same if you switch from Sage 100 to Sage 100c.  If you decide to switch after March 31, 2017 there could be a activation charge of up to 15% of your annual maintenance and/or an increase in your annual subscription fee.

How does Payroll Differ Between the Two Versions?

If you own the payroll module in Sage 100 it will be handled as a separate subscription plan.  This is true whether you are on Sage 100 or Sage 100c.  Payroll subscription is separate and billed separately from Sage 100 maintenance or subscription fees.

What happens if I just renewed my annual Business Care plan with Sage?

You will receive credit for the remaining pro-rated portion of your Sage Business Care plan.

What happens if a monthly subscription payment is missed?

Sage 100c is a subscription plan.  If you transition to Sage 100c, you no longer own the software, you are a subscriber.  Late payments of 45 days will be sent a reminder and contacted by Sage.  If payment is not resolved within a timely manner, your software could be set to “Read-only” mode (you cannot enter new transactions).  Subscription fees are paid directly to Sage.

If you have additional questions or have interest in possibly upgrading to Sage 100c, please contact us at 260.423.2414.