Is Your Company Outgrowing Sage BusinessWorks?

We’ve seen it time and again.  Companies that were just fine running Sage BusinessWorks when they first started, have grown and are struggling now that they’ve got more data, more employees, more inventory, and more complexity than Sage BusinessWorks was built for.

As companies begin to outgrow their software system, we generally see some common systems.

  1. The software becomes too slow or locks up – transactions take longer to process, reports are slower to generate or your software has to be reset.
  2. Duplicate data entry leads to errors – hours of tedious manual data entry in multiple systems becomes very costly, duplicate data entry leads to errors or reports are often inaccurate and take days to assemble.
  3. Lack of accounting controls and security – as your business has grown and added new employees, you now need control over who gets access to certain screens, functions and data.
  4. Standard BusinessWorks reports no longer cut it – as your business has grown, you need to begin managing and analyzing more moving parts and the standard reports no longer fulfill your needs.
  5. BusinessWorks does not play well with others – whether it’s a new time entry system or online web store as your business grows, so do the number of business systems creating the need for integration.

If your company is at a pivotal growth stage or suffering from any of these symptoms, you’ll need a knowledgeable technology consultant and business software provider to find a solution that fits your business.

No matter your industry or business type, DWD can work with you to determine the best path to take with your Sage BusinessWorks software.  Get in touch and find out how we can help.

Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale, Service, Retail or Related Industries

Sage 100 has been a natural upgrade path for BusinessWorks users for many years.

Benefits of Sage 100:

  • Get real-time control and visibility over all your activities
  • Minimize operating costs with fully integrated applications
  • Make better use of data company-wide with powerful and customizable analytic tools
  • Quickly react to changing business conditions
  • Provide easy access for external users to connect to your system remotely

Sage 100 is an industry-leading accounting and business management software solution for small to medium-sized companies. The Sage 100 suite offers a broad selection of feature-rich modules that empower managers with the information they need to make profit and growth-driven decisions. Sage 100’s Accounting and Financial Functionality is unrivaled among mid-market accounts and ERP software products.

If you own multiple BusinessWorks users and modules and sometimes run into issues where you need even more functionality, now is a great time to consider moving to a more robust ERP solutions. Contact DWD to learn more about your BusinessWorks software migration options.

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Nonprofit Organizations or Government Agencies

MIP Fund Accounting is a logical migration path for nonprofit BusinessWorks users.

Benefits of MIP Fund Accounting:

  • Allows for cross-fiscal year reporting
  • Automatically distributes expenses across reporting units
  • Eliminates the need for spreadsheet allocations
  • Complies management information for any reporting unit
  • Prepares “due to/due from” entries automatically

MIP Fund Accounting brings high performance fund accounting to every size and type of nonprofit organization. The modular structure of MIP Fund Accounting gives you the freedom to build a system that is customized to your needs.

Small Businesses with Basic Accounting Needs

Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) could be the migration path for you. Sage 50 is a comprehensive accounting software offering designed for small businesses that are serious about accounting and financial reporting. Sage 50 is an accurate, secure accounting software solution that provides the insights and control that your business needs.