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Improve Fill Rates, Reduce Stock-Outs, and Make Better Inventory Decisions

Sage Inventory Advisor (SAI) provides Sage 100 customers with an inventory diagnostic tool that easily identifies what inventory to buy and when. Made for small and mid-sized distributors and retailers, SAI helps you reduce time spent on manual calculations so you’ll never have to use complicated – and sometimes inaccurate – spreadsheets to manage inventory levels again.

The Sage 100 inventory module is great for storing data and managing transactions, but it’s not designed to optimize inventory the way SAI does to help you:

  • Improve fill rates
  • Minimize stock-outs
  • Reduce excess inventory
  • Make smarter purchasing decision
  • Enhance visibility of re-order points, lead times, and order constraints
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Sage Inventory Advisor Key Benefits

Integrates with Sage 100

Leverages inventory data you already have in your ERP system so you get actionable insights from Day 1.

Analyzes Sales, Purchasing, and Supply Chain Data

SAI uses powerful, proprietary algorithms to synthesize disparate numbers into meaningful and valuable information.

Forecasts Fast and Accurately

Fast and accurate forecasts can run across a complex number of SKU’s in moments.

Recommends Optimal Replenishment

Every single order recommendation drives your inventory towards the ideal level based on the inventory policy that you set.

Actively Detects Potential Problems

Exception lists provide early warning signals for potential stock-outs and excess/surplus orders

Tracks and Displays Key Performance Metrics

Dashboards and KPIs track inventory value and fill rate so you’re in the know at all times.

Monitors Supplier Delivery Performance

Every delivery from your suppliers is analyzed and any late deliveries or short quantities are immediately factored in to safety stock.

Inventory Optimization and the Informed Business

Click below to download a free guide that explains how to tackle the most common challenges when it comes to leveraging data and optimizing your inventory.

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