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Scanco provides automation software and a suite of tools that enable warehouses and manufacturing facilities to focus on growing their business, rather than fumbling with manual tasks and correcting errors.

Built to address common challenges that distributors and manufacturers face on a daily basis, Scanco solutions enable you to improve delivery performance & fulfillment while reducing costs. The powerful suite of automation tools will streamline your inventory, warehousing, and manufacturing oparations, while reducing the inefficiency, cost, and potential errors of manual processes.

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Scanco Key Components

Tightly integrated with Sage 100 and developed natively to run on iOS and Android devices, Warehouse 100 uses barcode scanning and automation technology to help you take total control of your distribution process. From physical counts and managing bin locations to picking inventory, transferring stock, and everything in between, Warehouse 100 automates just about every transaction in your warehouse.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain control of your inventory no matter how many warehouses or products you manage
  • Gain visibility and manage your inventory via the Warehouse 100 mobile app
  • Pick and ship orders faster with fewer errors using Warehouse 100
  • Achieve greater efficiency & automate manual tasks

With Scanco Manufacturing 100 and the Sage Shop Floor App, you get a powerful barcode data collection system right in the palm of your hand.

Scanco Manufacturing 100 Mobile App is the new barcode data collection system for Sage 100cloud. It performs all the standard tracking functions like Material Issues, Labor Tracking, Status Updates, Finished Goods Entries, and Time Card.  All data is validated real time and goes directly into Sage 100 Manufacturing with no imports.

Time saved by adding barcode scanners enables you to:

  • Ship orders faster
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Complete more jobs

Sage Shop Floor App is an add on to Sage Production Management that allows your staff to easily and conveniently perform labor transactions, material issue, and material completion transactions and update job statuses.

Key Benefits:

  • Manage transactional tasks on the go
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Increased visibility
  • Detect issues in real time

Designed exclusively for Sage 100, Scanco Multi-Bin is designed to help streamline the inventory picking process.  Multi-bin provides in-depth inventory location detail to help with directed picking and put away, wave picking, inventory transfers and rotation, reserve inventory, and more.

With Multi-Bin, you can:

  • Enter a single item in several bin locations
  • Place several items in one bin location
  • Know the exact location of items listed on the picking sheet

The Inventory Requirements Planning (IRP) module for Sage 100 is designed to simplify and speed up the work processes of purchasing, inventory, and production. IRP helps manufacturers and distributors evaluate demand based on open sales orders and production material requirements, inventory stock levels, open purchase orders, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate costly production delays
  • Accurate, fast reporting using interactive dashboard
  • Save time by automating purchasing, inventory and production tasks

If you’re already using the Work Order module for Sage 100, you can take care of work orders faster and easier than ever before with WO Scan from Scanco. Wireless handheld devices capture WO transaction data on the shop floor in real time, without the need for computer workstations. It prompts for and collects all of the same data you can enter through Work Order Transaction Entry, in a clean, intuitive handheld interface.

Key Benefits:

  • WO Scan is an automated, real-time tool that increases manufacturing efficiency by providing comprehensive, at-a-glance information about your shop floor and manufacturing activities.
  • With WO Scan from Scanco, you’ll have the power to track your:
    • Labor cost and efficiencies (including non-productive time such as setup)
    • Material issues
    • Outsourced projects’ efficiencies
    • Quality control checks

JobOps is a complete job management software solution that works hand-in-hand with Sage 100 Manufacturing. This powerful and comprehensive suite automates functions for manufacturing to help you build products more efficiently, manage complex jobs, keep labor and material costs in check, eliminate redundancy, and reduce paperwork flowing across departments – so you can deliver on-time, on-budget, and profitably.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplifies estimating to allow you to quickly and easily create accurate quotes
  • Streamlines workflow so that all job information is available from a single source
  • Proactively monitor the status of your jobs improving estimating and job planning
  • Better analyze supply and demand so you can purchase the right products and materials at the right time

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