Project Description

Ransomware is a problem on the rise. Although a very real and present danger, the real question is how this threat is going to grow in 2018 and beyond.

During this recorded webinar, we will cover my thoughts for what is on the horizon for the cybersecurity landscape in 2018.


1. The Continued Rise of RaaS (Ransomware as a Service)
Ransomware is big business on the dark web. Programmers are creating and selling kits that buyers use to make and distribute their own ransomware tools.

2. Escalating Attacks on Mobile Devices
Threats on Google Play doubled in 2017. This type of spyware infects devices and is designed to monitor phone activity while extracting data from popular apps.

3. More Companies Turn to Outsourced Protection
We’ll see an increased shift to outsourced security and managed services as organizations can no longer allocate the staff needed to confront the volume and complexity of attacks.

4. Increased Attacks on Infrastructure
In October of 2017, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security warned of advanced threat activity targeting energy, nuclear, water, aviation, construction and critical manufacturing sectors.

5. A Wider Variety of Ransomware Attacks
As more and more things become connected, they are also opened up to potential paths of attack. For example, ransomware attacks can disable the functionality of IP cameras and other related devices.

6. Ransomware Attacks are Getting Smarter
The types of attacks we saw in 2017 won’t go away and they will become smarter in 2018. Hackers will start to utilize Artificial Intelligence IT to supplement existing tools.