MIP Cloud 2020.3 New Features & Functionality

Released in November 2020, MIP Fund Accounting version 2020.3 offers a number of new features and functionality.  All MIP software users with an active maintenance and support plan with will have access to the 2020.3 update.

Updates within this release include:

New opportunities to provide us feedback:

Two new tools, Wootric and Feature Upvote have been implemented, that enable you to provide feedback to directly to MIP’s product team:

  • You’ll now find opportunities to share whether you would recommend MIP to others directly within the platform.
  • A new tool has been implemented, Feature Upvote, which is an enhanced replacement for the Ideas Portal that provides improved moderation support to prevent spam. Ideas will continue to be migrated from the existing portal over time, so please note there may be a delay between the time of your submission and when it will appear on the site.

Expanded API capabilities:

MIP’s API supports new endpoints, including budgets transactions, encumbrances transactions, encumbrances liquidations transactions, account balances, budget balances, customer balances, vendor balances, and encumbrance balances. For more information view the MIP API documentation at: http://documentation.abila.com/MipApiDocsV3/

Enhancements to Executive View:

New enhancements have been added to Executive View, including more granular permissions in the Modern UI

Additional updates within the MIP classic user interface include:

Quality improvements

This release includes several quality enhancements based on reported issues and customer feedback.

Simplified export options

MIP’s “Red Door” export options no longer include Microsoft Access and Word.

Transaction Conversion to NEC-01

All 2020 MISC-07 transaction data will be updated to NEC-01, and any remaining vendor defaults that still use MISC-07 will be updated to NEC-01 as well.

New Reports

Additional reports are now available to support meeting EEO compliance requirements.

Updates within the MIP modern user interface include:

Bank Reconciliations module enhancements:

Customer-driven usability enhancements have been implemented and improved reporting performance within Bank Reconciliation

Did you know MIP Cloud v2020.2 was released in August of 2020?

If you haven’t already, learn all the new features in MIP Cloud version 2020.2.

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