What’s Trending in 2017 – Nonprofit Finance

Peering into the crystal ball, we see many changes coming in 2017 for the nonprofit sector.

To help you chart a course for the new year, the leading provider of nonprofit software and services has carefully compiled five nonprofit accounting predictions for 2017.

As a premier Certified Partner, we’d like to share these nonprofit accounting predictions with you.

Prediction #1 – Funding Instability will be an Issue

Funding instability will likely force a shift in the nature of funding, with more grantors looking to fund activities that prevent social issues instead of dealing with them after they occur. For nonprofits heavily dependent on federal grant funding, revenue diversification should be researched in an effort to mitigate risk.

Discover all five nonprofit finance predictions and what specific actions your organization should take to be successful.

‘s Other Predictions For 2017 Include:

  • Nonprofits might need to make structural changes
  • More nonprofits will consider clustering together
  • For-profit CFOs are moving to nonprofits at increasing rates
  • Nonprofits will use technology to gain efficiencies

To help lift the cloud of mystery on the year ahead, download the 2017 Predictions Guide to view full details on each of ’s predictions including accompanying actions and ideas to help you ensure success in the coming year.