Over time, all computers start to slow down and programs take longer to load.

Thankfully, there are a number of things that can be done to help speed up your computer.  We’ve listed the top 10 ways below.

1.   Remove spywaremany computers have spyware and people don’t even realize it.  A few spyware warning signs to look for include:

   a.  The computer runs very slow for no reason.

   b.  The computer takes you to websites you do not want to visit.

   c.  You receive pop-ups when you are not using the Internet.

2.   Defragment your computer – to do this, go to the start menu, then programs, accessories, system tools and then choose the defragmentation tool.   Note:  This can be a very time consuming process to complete especially if you haven’t done it in awhile, but the resulting gain in speed will be well worth it.

3.   Add RAM (memory) to your system – one of the easiest and most effective ways to speed up performance.

4.   Clear your Internet cache – for faster browsing speeds.

5.   Delete your cookies.

6.   Regularly empty your Temp Directory – the temp directory can quickly fill up with hundreds of temp files over time, which slows things down considerably.

7.   Install and run an anti-virus program – do this on a regular basis.

8.   Uninstall unused programs and files – Let’s face it, after a while there are a number of programs and files that we simply don’t use anymore.  Getting rid of them will give your computer a performance boost.

9.   Run disk clean up – to do this, go to the start menu, then programs, accessories, system tools and then choose disk clean up.

10.  Use keyboard shortcuts

Please feel free to contact me at info@dwdtechgroup.com or 260.423.2414 to discuss additional performance enhancements or a full hardware upgrade of your computer if you are still unhappy with its performance after you run through this list.