New feature available in Sage 100 versions 2013 and newer!

Have you ever had a vendor contact indicating that they hadn’t received payment, but you KNOW you processed and sent the check (and it’s probably even cleared the bank)? Once you have purged cleared transactions from prior reconciled bank statements, there is no way to know whether or not a transaction was truly cleared.

That is not the case anymore!

Starting with Sage 100 ERP 2013, an option is now available by which you can view the cleared status of checks directly for the Vendor Maintenance (or Inquiry) screen.

If you have upgraded from a prior version of Sage 100 (MAS90/200), this option does not automatically enable itself upon data conversion.  To enable this feature, you must go to Accounts Payable Options.

Once this function is enabled, Vendor checks that get cleared in Bank Reconciliation may now show their cleared status in Vendor Maintenance/Inquiry.

Make note that the status will only show poorly if the check has been cleared AFTER the functionality to display cleared checks has been enabled.

Hopefully this Sage 100 software tip will show you an easy way to identify that a check has been cleared, even after purging cleared transactions from a reconciled bank statement.

If you need assistance displaying cleared checks in Sage 100 vendor maintenance please contact our Sage 100 consultants at 260.423.2414.