Many small businesses use accounting products including Sage 50 (Peachtree), BusinessWorks, and QuickBooks.  Often times companies notice warning signs that they may be outgrowing their current software system, however, they are not sure when to begin seriously considering a move to a new ERP software solution.

I have listed 10 key indicators that you have outgrown your software and should begin the search for a new software system.

#1:  Slow Performance

  • Reports take longer to print.
  • Information (invoices/bills) take longer to save.

#2:  Unstable

  • Your software crashes and/or has data corruption because of data size.

#3:  Manual Processes

  • You have to use Excel for sales, inventory, or commission reports.

#4:  Poor Inventory Management

  • Inventory counts are wrong.
  • Better cost information for items is needed.
  • Inability to bar-code items.

#5:  Need for Enhanced Manufacturing or Job Cost

  • You need better quantity and cost information for finished and raw materials.
  • Unable to track budget to actual, material, and labor variances.
  • Unable to manage work orders.

#6:  Poor Integration with Other Software Systems

#7:  Key Features Missing

  • Need for flexible customer pricing.
  • Need for stronger financial reports.
  • Lacking e-commerce capabilities.

#8:  Greater Capacity

  • You require more accounts, customers, vendors or inventory items than what is available.

#9:  Expandability

  • Need for more industry specific functionality.
  • Unable to modify reports and screen layouts.

#10:  Your Current Software Program is not Customizable

  • If you are struggling to make your current accounting system fit, then it may be time to upgrade.  Secure, reliable accounting software with advanced functionality and the ability to automate more tasks is no longer just something that is nice to have, it’s a core need for a successful and growing company.