Like many of Sage Software products, Sage BusinessWorks uses a modular design, offering flexible implementation and comprehensive features for small to mid-sized businesses.

As your company experiences growth in revenues or size, Sage BusinessWorks can help you manage the expansion by allowing you to add new modules as you need them.  I have listed a brief description of each module below in alphabetical order for easy reference.

Accounts Payable – allows you to save time and money by efficiently managing your company’s expenditures.  It works in conjunction with other BusinessWorks modules to store, sort, and organize vendor information.

Accounts Receivable – provides an efficient and organized system for maintaining customer information, managing credit, and analyzing sales.

Cash Management – is designed to help manage cash transaction processing and reconciliation.

Custom Office (Microsoft Office Integration) – helps  integrate your Sage BusinessWorks software with your Microsoft Office software to increase productivity. Some benefits include the ability to mail merge, manage attachments, and create custom worksheets that all grab information directly from BusinessWorks.

General Ledger – maintains current financial information, transaction history, and budget information for up to nine fiscal years. There is an unlimited number of accounts with each being allotted up to 999 departments.

Inventory Control and Purchasing – makes sure you have the inventory levels to satisfy your customer needs. It includes light manufacturing capabilities, serial number tracking, and muti-warehouse support. The Purchase Order module is included at no additional charge, and tracks PO’s from entry to fulfillment. The automatic purchase order feature will generate PO’s based on inventory stock levels, EOQ, and Order Point information entered at each level.

Job Cost – saves you time and money by accurately estimating and tracking project costs such as labor, materials, equipment, overhead etc. It also includes a variety of reports that help you budget, control, and manage jobs to get the highest profit potential.

Order Entry – allows sales staff to easily access a variety of useful customer information such as past purchase history, shipping addresses, and credit card information.  In addition to quotes, sales orders, and invoices, it can be set up to let your employees know when a customer has reached their credit limit.

Payroll – gives you the freedom to effortlessly manage payroll with accuracy. It uses a database of employee information to allow easy compilation of paychecks, W-2’s, and both federal and state government reports.  All tax tables are built in for the federal government, all 50 states, and Washington D.C., e-filing is also an available option of this module.

Sage BusinessWorks ACT! Link – allows you to seamlessly synchronize data in ACT! and BusinessWorks to increase customer loyalty and vendor responsiveness.  You will be able to launch BusinessWorks tasks from within ACT! to issue sales orders, perform customer inquiries, and view detailed orders and invoices.

All modules have a wide range of reporting capabilities that can utilize information from any and all modules as necessary.

If you would like to know more about additional modules that can help your Sage BusinessWorks software solution grow with your company feel free to contact me at 260.423.2414 or