Project Description

Become a Data-Driven Business with Alerts and Workflow for Sage 100

Are You Listening to Your Business?

Late Shipments . Overdue Orders . Low Inventory . Projects Over Budget . Change in Profit Margin

If you think that “alerts” begins and ends with “reminders” – think again.  The monitoring capabilities of Sage Alerts and Workflow provide the business intelligence you’ve been waiting for;  insight into past, current, and future business activities that enable you to make more intelligent business decisions.

In this recorded webinar, learn about the new technology in version 10 of Alerts and Workflow for Sage 100 including:

  1. Version 10 Enhancements – .NET, browser-based, native SQL, web service support, SQL Reporting Services, and more
  2. Business Activity Monitoring
  3. Automatic Form, Document and Report Delivery
  4. Workflow and Business Process Automation