Sage Production Management for Sage 100 vs Legacy Work Order

Sage Production Management brings all the features of Work Order to Sage 100cloud.  At a high level, Sage Productions Management is a suite of manufacturing capabilities built on the Sage Business Object framework (aka “Business Framework”). That means you get a modernized platform capable of all the conveniences you’ve become accustomed to in other modules.

Sage Production Management introduces primary and secondary data entry grids, resizable windows, batch data entry, right-click context menus, grid export to Excel, user-defined fields and tables, custom scripting, and a host of other features that are enjoyed by the latest generation of modules for Sage 100cloud.

Sage Production Management provides a range of features that are not only designed to replace the legacy Work Order and MRP modules but go above and beyond with higher value, and more advanced manufacturing and production features.

Sage Production Management for Sage 100 includes numerous high-value capabilities including:

  • Real-time updating of inventory transactions and quantity on-hand as materials are issued to a Work Order
  • Extended field lengths for work order numbers and steps
  • Create new work orders from multiple sources:  template, open work order, historical work order, or manually
  • Extended text fields for work orders
  • Simplified screens for data review
  • A one-click purchase order for outside processing
  • Import materials from bill of material or flat file
  • Simplified transaction flow

Sage 100 Production Management Work Ticket

Sage Production Management gives discrete, make to stock manufacturers, and fabricators the tools they need to achieve end-to-end visibility into their entire production process.

More Accuracy

This means that manufacturers can get a complete picture of what it costs to produce an item.

  • Monitor costs vs budget in real-time
  • Make adjustments to inventory, materials, and production processes with increased agility

Greater Visibility

Real-time access to the status of every item allows you to set accurate delivery expectations improving customer satisfaction.

  • Identify bottlenecks in production
  • Improve capacity planning


Automate processes and reduce error

  • Decrease manual processes
  • Receive alerts when reordering is needed
  • Minimize errors

Sage Production Management Work Ticket Features













The new Work Ticket features in Sage Production Management provide manufacturers with better job tracking abilities including:

  • Renumber at anytime
  • Track original and revised budget hours
  • Track status by step
  • Track change order or rework steps
  • Link a step to a vendor for outside processing

Sage Production Management Work Ticket Materials Features















View a complete picture of material usage in one screen that also allows you to dynamically issue materials to the work ticket.

  • Add materials via:
    • Work ticket template
    • Bill of materials
    • Import from flat file
  • Link material to a PO
  • Alias item cross-reference/lookup
  • Change step number assignment as needed
  • Issue materials from inventory within the Work Ticket Entry screen

Sage Production Management Work Ticket Totals Features















With Sage Production Management, manufacturers get a complete picture of what it costs to produce an item.  Always having current and accurate cost reporting allows manufacturers to track costs relative to budget in real-time.

  • Analysis of budget, current and projected costs
  • Variance $ and %
  • Cost per unit being manufactured
  • Click the printer button to print the costs analysis totals to a report
  • Filter the cost analysis by step to view one step’s cost information

With Production Management for Sage 100, you will gain greater visibility into your entire manufacturing process increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

If you have questions or would like a full demonstration of Production Management for Sage 100, contact us today.