Have you ever wanted to take a screen shot to use for documentation or trouble-shooting purposes?  Often, users want to create step-by-step manuals with pictures, or a user needs to capture an error on-screen and forward to technical support.

With just a couple of keyboard clicks, you can capture a screen shot and paste into almost any kind of document.  There are two types of screen captures.  The first is simply clicking the “Print Screen” button (typically located above your arrow keys if using a full-sized keyboard.)  Clicking this button will take a snapshot of your entire desktop (not only the screen of focus, but also the entire background.)

A better way to capture only the screen in which you are interested is to click on the screen (to make sure it has “focus” in Windows) and then to press CTRL-Print Screen (both keys simultaneously.)  This copies ONLY the active window into the clipboard which can then be pasted into another document.  To paste into the destination document, you can either right-click and then left-click on the “Paste” menu option, or you can simply press CTRL-V (Windows paste function).

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