Eliminate time consuming duplicate data entry and reduce manual data entry errors.

One of the most valuable features of MIP Fund Accounting is its ability to interface with data from many other programs. With the data import/export module, you no longer have to perform software gymnastics to transfer your data to and from your MIP accounting system.

The MIP data import/export module lets you easily transfer data during the initial setup of your MIP Fund Accounting system to create charts of accounts codes, vendors and beginning balances. It also allows you to import data from outsourced payroll and specialized billing systems.

With the MIP Data Import/Export Module You Can: 

  • Save time and eliminate errors by importing journal entries, cash receipts, timesheets, vendors and much more.
  • Use the distribution feature to automatically allocate entries as they are imported.
  • Import one-sided entries and let your MIP system balance the entries automatically.
  • Easily export reports to Excel, maintaining all formatting, whether spreadsheet, database, word processing or HTML.

If your nonprofit is considering the purchase of a new MIP Fund Accounting system, the following data can be imported during the initial setup of your system:

  • Vendors & Customers
  • Transaction History
  • Payroll Data
  • Fixed Assets
  • Chart of Accounts